15 Movies/Series To Remind Us Friendship Goals

Lets see 15 Movies/Series To Remind Us Friendship Goals

“Friendship is the single soul dwelling in two bodies.” With Friendship Day around the corner, we thought to bring you some reel life Characters which gives us major friendship goals. Let’s check them below.

Major Friendship goals Inspired by Movies/Series

YJHD (Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani) Gang

15 Movies/Series To Remind Us Friendship Goals
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Bunny, Naina, Aditi and Avi, the group of four different people, the one thing that connects them is Friendship.

Naina an intruder, not only found herself but her best friend as well in an extrovert “Jhalli Aditi “.

The friendship of Bunny and Avi is proving that distance and time don’t matter when your hearts are connected. Bunny came after 7 years to meet his friends yet nothing changed between them.

The Scene where Bunny and Avi sort out their differences wins our heart. People fight but they get back stronger every time.

And yes after watching the movie you will surely crave for travelling to Manali with your squad.

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety

Friendship of Sonu and Titu who are together since childhood perfectly describes the quote ‘Brother from another Mother ‘.

In the climax of the movie, almost all of us thought that Titu will choose his Love over Friendship. Sometimes you don’t see the things which your best friend already sense it.

That’s the reason they are there and called as ‘best friend ‘ to protect you from the problems or anything bad they see coming towards you.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama

Three working bachelors Rajat (Rajjo), Vikram, Nishant (Liquid) who live together in a flat in Noida, fall in love at the same time with their respective partners.

Their journey is about understanding love, life, relationships and how to balance everything. They help each other at initial stages, followed by the existential crisis.

However, their partners are never happy & satisfied no matter how much they try. In the end, they help each other to come out from that toxic relationship when they realise they deserve much better partners.

‘Love gives you security but it is your friend who loves you unconditionally. ‘

Luv Ka The End

Most of the times a girl takes out the fault from herself when she comes to know that her boyfriend is cheating on her.

Same happens with Rhea (Shraddha Kapoor) when she comes to know that her boyfriend is making money by uploading makeout videos for a website.

Her friends’ Jugs and Sonia (Pushitiie & Sreejita) helps her out to come out from his trap and they altogether show his real face to everyone. #Girlpower!

Sex Education

Otis and Eric remind us of that one school friend who’s constantly with us, loving and supporting us in everything we do.

They are the ones with whom we share all our little secrets!


Gone are the days where women feel insecure or jealous of each other when they are in the same profession.

Jaya & Meenu are perfect examples of how women should support & help in rising each other in their respective carriers and life. #Thepangagirls!

College Romance

College romance is one of the most entertaining series and one of its reason is the friendship shown between three friends Trippy, Naira and Karan, later joined by their respective partners.

While looking our for love and laughs, they make memories for a lifetime.

Kota Factory

Apart from giving some life lessons, Kota factory shows us the beautiful friendship between a teacher Jeetu Bhaiya and his student Vaibhav.

Because after entering into a certain age, we try to find a friend in our teachers. Along with that, it shows the friendship of Uday, Vaibhav and Meena.

When you are far from your family, friends are your extended family.

3 Idiots

Education helps you in studying, life tests you as a person at every step.

But it’s your best friend who teaches you how to survive in those exams. Rancho taught us and his friends Raju and Farhan to live in the moment, be fearless and follow your heart. #AllisWell!

Dil Toh Bacha Hai Ji

Usually, you don’t see a good bond between a landlord and his tenants but here the case is different.

Naren Ahuja who is the landlord of Abhay Suri and Milind Kelkar later becomes their best buddies as they all three are finding love and want to give life a second chance.

As they say, ‘Unexpected friendships are the best ones. ‘


Kaipoche is about three friends Ishaan, Omi and Govind who wants to start their own Sports Shop and Academy.

Their bond is tested by the time when few problems arise after they start their academy.

Few friendships remain constant in your life, this is one of them. #brothersforlife


Travelling helps you in finding a friend whom you may not know from years but you still feel connected.

Karwaan is one such movie. Avinash and Shaukat decide to take a trip to Kochi to sort out a misunderstanding when a teenager Tanya ends up joining them on the way.

By the end of the movie, you see their bond flourishing.


Hunny, Choocha, Lali and Zafar go through the financial crisis and plans a shortcut to earn money.

Hunny and Choocha are childhood friends, Lali and Zafar join them in the process of earning money.

Because of a lie, their plan backfires due to which they are caught in a problem.

However, they decide to face the consequences together and later come out successfully. #fukreyboys!

Koi Mil Gaya

Friendship with humans is quite a normal thing.

How about making your best friend to an Alien?

Rakesh Roshan brought us to this concept in 2003 where we visited the friendship of Rohit and Jadoo (Hrithik Roshan & James Colmer).

I guess the reason he was named Jadoo (Magic) because few friends are Magical.

In the end, Rohit as a good person allows him to go back to the spaceship and Jadoo being a good best friend stays with him by giving him superpowers. #youarenotalone!

Dil Bechara

Last but not least our current favourite duo, J.P. and Manny won our hearts by their simplicity.

J.P. and Manny both were surviving from Cancers but still, they fulfilled J.P.’s dream of making a movie, inspired by Rajnikant’s films.

Few friends help you in fulfilling your dreams but few ones actually fulfil your Dream #friendsforever

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