COVID Impact On Different Sectors With Insider interviews

covid impact on different sectors and insider interviews

Let’s Know Covid impact on different sectors with insider interviews it will be easy to understand real mindset of people. During the time of Covid-19 pandemic we wanted to know what’s going in the mind of people from different sectors. So we interviewed four people from four different sectors to better understand current situation through insider point of view.

Hopefully you will be able to extract COVID impact on different sectors with insider interviews

Interviewing Jay Sharing Businessman Approach

Jay Guwalani

In conversation with Jay Guwalani, who completed his Mechanical Engineering this year, helps his father in his Clothing business.

Many business are affected because of this pandemic.

What you think, will market get better in future?

Yes, that’s for sure that everything is gonna get better with time, coz as you know everything comes along with its expiry date.

It will take months, even 2-3 years of economic instability is gonna be faced by each employee, businessmen and jobseekers for sure.

Our Central government is working 24/7 to raise better job opportunities by urging, Corporate giants of numerous nations to establish their firms, manufacturing hubs in India so that nations’ economy gets a chance to recover from all the financial damage done during lockdown period. Even, our government has started #atmanirbhar initiative in order to promote MADE IN INDIA initiative and help the middle class and BPL folks to establish a small business. And as you know great relief is provided by govt. on new bank loans too.

So yes, everything is gonna get better with time.

What did you learn from this scenario (professionally as well as personally)?

Professionally I would say, that one needs to be ready financially for any kind of crisis what I mean to say is having multiple sources of income is must if you wanna survive and thrive in any kind of conditions.

As lockdown took place all over the world, many lost their livelihood, their jobs and a hell lot of folks have suffered due to lack of money and hunger, rather than of Covid-19.

Every sector has been severely affected, employees lost their jobs and remaining are working with a major proportion of pay cut. So professionally I feel that having back up investments, savings and virtual source of income(share marketing/mutual funds/ insurances) is a must.

I learned that it all depends on our day to day lifestyle, hygiene and habits that says a lot about how our body functions and how immune it is. I wasn’t at all serious about Yoga, internal fitness and all, but this pandemic has shown us More fit you are the more likely you are gonna be even in a literal sense.
There were times when I used to get mentally tired and exhausted after seeing my plans fail, coz. of this pandemic, but it all matters how your mindset is whenever you are facing an unreal setback. So being mentally and physically strong and positive, is the only thing that is gonna help every individual to lead a peaceful life.

Many people are willing to have their start-ups. One advice/message to them.

I always appreciate those with ideas of doing something on their own. I won’t provide any speech on that so I ‘ll just complete it in a single sentence I know there will be setbacks (concerning the current situation) but just don’t feel low, lose hope and never give up. It may take months, to get your plans related to startup into action, till then keep planning and keep motivating yourself. Embrace yourself to triumph and thrive in these difficult times

PS:- I know am planning a startup in the near future, I know after this kind off economic crises, it feels impossible, but as I said, let’s keep grinding, coz. I heard somewhere “Koshish Karne walo ki har nhi hoti

Interviewing Payal Sharing Work From Home Experience

Payal Chhablani
Payal Chhablani

In conversation with Payal Chhablani who is currently working from home. She is perfect fit to share her experience with all of us about most demanding job profile and Like many of us she Switched to Work From Home during Lockdown due to toCovid-19

Please give us a little bit of introduction about you and your job profile.

I am currently working as a System Engineer at TCS (Tata Consultancy services limited). I do have a role of Scrum master, also I do develop an application with government and people of associates.

How does working from home feels like?

It’s quite engaging as you have to keep updating someone & make updates as well. Because when you meet your colleagues it’s a bit easy to gather everyone & explain the things but when you are on call, there are few things which you can’t depict them without seeing their faces. So it takes little more effort but the good part is you can have your lunch and dinner on time & travelling time is saved.

What would you prefer the most if given a choice in future; Work from Home or Work from Office?

I would prefer to work from office because that feeling, that vibe & that professionalism is something only your workplace can give. Your office; your colleagues are like your second family. You work together; you eat together. And whenever you achieve something professionally, you feel satisfied. So when you come back home, you have something to share with your family.

One thing that whole COVID-19 phase taught you.

In a line, if I have to describe; ‘You have to keep working Wherever you are. ‘ It’s a different kind of responsibility to work for a firm who has so much reputation. You can’t deny working; you can’t give excuses like not in a mood to work. Because of the pandemic, everyone’s mental state is shaken but that shouldn’t stop you from working. And if you have an opportunity to work from home; it’s like a boon.

One new habit and change you observed in yourself and will continue to do it.

The change I observed in myself is that I have become more organised as a person and one new habit I have started is writing a small journal of day to day activities which I will continue to do it. You should have a set of goals to achieve

Interviewing Kajal Sharing Traveller Insight

Kajal Vaishnav
Kajal Vaishnav

Kajal Vaishnav, working as content analyst in News Channel. She loves travelling so much. Her View are important because she is a frequent traveller

Which is your favourite destination & Why?

My favourite destination till now is Manali. I love both – The Mountains & The Beaches; but if I have to choose one, I am more inclined towards mountains.

And the reason is; it has History, Nature, Snow, Trekking, Jungles & Riverside. These are all the things which I really love. So what can be better than this when you get all your favourites in one place.

The place in itself is so calm, beautiful & peaceful that you can’t express in words. You have to go there, experience & feel it. Even when you go to the markets of Manali, you feel different, you feel happy. So apart from trekking, the vibes are something which you will take back home as a wonderful experience.

What was your first reaction about Lockdown?

I was actually happy. Because I needed a break from a very long time. The workload was actually double but still, I tried & managed to spend some time with my family & myself.

What is that one thing you learnt from this phase?

‘Love being Me’- that’s something which I follow, which works in every situation. ‘Being yourself in whatever the situation comes ‘ is something which I always believe. 

For example:- When the Lockdown started, I found some time to read books after a long time. So you should have a habit which helps you in growing & loving yourself.

Name of the destination you wish to travel after this pandemic gets over.

Mount Abu. Because the situation is such that you can’t prefer to travel far. So the nearest destination with mountains & with the best scenic view is this one. In Mount Abu, when you walk towards the Gurushikar (highest point), in the middle of that there is a place where you can sit, eat Maggie & enjoy the view.

Were there any plans to travel during these months?

Yes I had travelling plans. One was to travel at Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand, I thought this time I will explore some new places by starting my journey from Dehradun.

The second was to join the trekking camps from Basic to Advance Level which is being conducted in Mount Abu.

Interviewing Aditi Sharing Her Insights

Aditi Thakor
Aditi Thakor

Aditi Thakor is an Indian Film-Maker, Screenwriter, Producer, Lyricist & Composer who works in Gujarati Cinema.

(Production House:- Broken Box Filmz)

How was your Lockdown phase?

To be honest, I was really happy. I can spend more 6-8 months like this. I wanted to go on a family vacation but I don’t regret not going out. For some people going to a particular place is vacation; for some people spending quality time with loved ones is a vacation. Depends on how you define it. For me, I can say it as ‘Blessing in disguise ‘ as I got to spend time with my family.

Activities you did in Lockdown.

I did all the household works which include two of my favourites Gardening & Cooking.

The non-theatrical release will affect the business right?

The social media is working as a substitute for artists.Of course, it will get affected very badly as its altogether a different process & chain of people behind a release. Movie Theatres, Performing arts like street plays, these are something made for a crowd.

We can make videos or contents for social media but there is a different kind of rush going on it. And because there were no new episodes of daily soaps for a long time; every other person started using social media. Everyday n number of things are uploaded on it so it’s very difficult to get yourself recognised.

Were there any plans which you had to postpone?

Yes we had 2-3 shoots in the pipeline which we had to postpone. So I don’t know when exactly that will happen because few sequences include Crowd & shooting them can be quite risky at this point. 

We don’t want to put lives in danger as well as we don’t want to compromise with the quality of the product. So thankfully we have good clients & a cooperative team.

One message to people who want to be part of the industry.

Learn as much as you can. There are so many resources, materials & mediums available. So when you will be hired for a particular job; you will be prepared in advance for a few things. When you know What you have to do; half of the work is done. So keep learning whether you are at home or on set

Final Words Covid impact on different sectors with insider interviews

After these Interviews You can easily conclude that different sectors have different problems but people are ready to fight with the situation in every sectors.

They are upgrading themselves according to Situation. Some people come with different ideas to promote themselves and help the community in such time. 

while most people first time spending quality time with family members its like a leave after so many years. 

Others learning new hobbies and upgrading their skills for better future

Students and Teachers moved to E-Learning and adopting this system. 

However Our Markets are falling but we are growing like always and every is positive about soon we will be able to live like before.

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